Wednesday, April 11, 2007

revising essays

The relationship to my material effected the composing process because when we were given a topic I would write about something that I knew about. Writing about something that I have first hand experiance about I felt confident in my writing. I feel that since I had personal experiance that the composing process was a little easier then if I was writing about something completely new to me. I was also able to make more catagories during my composign process, leading to more detail.

After writing the first draft, when I got my essays back, is when I would do more research. I would take the comments and change my essay according to what the comments said. At this point, instead of just writing what I knew about my topic I would research specific details and add that to my essay.

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S. Chandler said...

This is interesting to me. Writing to your expertise seems to help you. And then - it is like you went deeper - and wrote to parts of your expertise where maybe you weren't so expert - so that you also did some learning and growing. As you report - your second phase was to learn more + go deeper. Interesting. I know as I writer I go back and forth between writing about things I really don't know anything about but am trying to understand - and writing from my expertise. I don't always start from my expertise (I don't think - actually I am going to have to think about that). Something to think about.