Monday, April 16, 2007

writing about writing my essay

I want to write about how I went about revising my memoir. I want to write about writing this essay because I think it is the most interesting out of all of my writing.

I picked this piece becuase it was the first time I thought that I didn't write about something superficial or obvious. Ater I had my conference with Dr. Chandler I decided to revise my memoir over my personal essay. Both of the pieces were about things that I had experianced, but after our conference Dr. Chandler helped me to find something in my writing that I didn't see right away.

The main point of my last essay is going to be about how I was able to, with help, find something in my first draft to take out and concentrate on rather then just write about the entire idea. For example, instead of just writing about my entire trip to Costa Rica, I revised my memoir into writing about hidden fear that people have for no reason. I think this is interesting because you wouldn't think I would take that perspective from the beginning of my essay and I think it would keep people reading the entire thing.

My organizing process is going to be to start off explaining how I came about coming up with the topic for my essay. Then I am going to write about how I went through the process of writing the events of the trip. The main point of my essay is going to be about my conference with Dr. Chandler because that is when we had our discussion about what my essay was actually about and where I came up with most of the ideas for my essay.

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S. Chandler said...

I think this should make an awesome reflective essay. In some ways - part of your composing process was about "reading" your essay as if you didn't know what it is about - like reading it as if someone else wrote it. I remember when I indicated what I "read" in your essay you were surprised, but then when you read it, it seemed as if you saw what I was seeing - though you hadn't seen it when you were writing. As you say - that is REALLY interesting. It illustrates that our unconscious has an agenda in our writing . We seem to write about what our unconscious is dealing with - as well as what our conscious thinks it is dealing with - and seeing what the unconscious has to say is not easy. But I think it can make for very good writing.