Tuesday, March 6, 2007

journalism essay

I am not sure what I am going to write about for this piece. At first I was going to write about snowboarding. I still might do this. If I do write about snowboarding I can talk to people who have been snowboarding for a long time, and talk to people who have just started. I would also like to talk to people who like snowborading to find out if they just like to snowboard or if they watch it on TV, or if they do any other activities that are like it.

Another topic that I was going to write about was my vacation to costa rica, or just vacations in general. Why do people take vacations, and how often. I would ask such questions as to what they do to prepare and what they plan to get out of a vacation.

Another option that I was thinking about writing about was about people who go to the gym. I could find out the difference between people who go a lot, people who go sometimes, and people who don't go at all. I think this is interesteing to me because I have been in all three of those situations and I know how I feel about it, but I think it makes for interesting writing. I would also like to find out what the majority of the people who go to the gym want to get out of it, and why they go.

I am not completely sure what I am going to write about this time. I find this essay harder because it is not entirely based on personal experiances.

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S. Chandler said...

I think you have some good ideas. Go with what you think will connect to what interests you most - or to what you have easiest access to information.

As you are drafting - keep thinking about your focus. For example, for the gym essay - you might need to narrow in on just one group or just people who use the gym in particular kinds of ways to develop your answer. So you would ask a general question - but then develop one detailed example/report. Otherwise it could feel overwhelming and too general. You can't possible write about why Americans are going to the gym in increasing numbers in just 5 pages - it is a big phenomenon. But you can make a start on it in terms of your gym and a particular group. A detailed example can convey a lot of information.

Good ideas.