Wednesday, March 28, 2007

publication venue

I had a hard time finding somewhere to publish one of my essays. At first I wasn't even sure which essay I wanted to submit. At first I thought I would go with the nature essay becasue I couldn't think of anywhere to submit my other essays. Then I thought I would submit my first personal essay about my sisters wedding to a teen magazine, because I thought it sounded like what you would read in something like Cosmo. Then I found out that it's hard to get excepted into magazines like those because I have never published before.

I finally decided to just look through the Writers Market book and find something that I though I could write a piece for. I was looking at womens magazines and didn't find anything. I eventually stumbled upon a magazine called Plus Attitude magazine where they accept pieces writen about posative uplifting experiances. This is where I thought that I would write a nature piece about my experiances surfing. I wanted to write my nature piece on it because sometimes its not about catchig a wave, but about being out there and just sitting on the board. Especially when I really can't surf all that well, its more about the experiance. I guess we will see how it all goes from here!!

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