Friday, March 2, 2007

Revising my Memoir

After writing my personal essay and memoir, I thought right away that I would want to continue revising my personal essay about my sisters wedding. I thought that one had more feeling in it and would be a lot easier to keep writing about, as well as a lot easier for my audience to relate to. I went into my meeting with Dr. Chandler and right away said that I would want to reviese my personal essay. After all I thought that I had put more time into that piece. So Dr. Chandler said that that was Ok but she just wanted to talk about my memoir first for a minute or two to get it out of they way, and then more on to my personal essay. As it turns out, we spent the entire meeting talking about my memoir and almost no time at all talking about my personal essay.

I have decided to revise my memoir instead of my personal essay. After my meeting with Dr. Chandler I defiantly have more confidence in it and I feel like I have a lot more to wirte about that I started out with in my first draft. I also feel like once my memoir is complete that a lot of people will be able to relate to it. I think that I need to delete a lot of insignificant details and add a lot more information about what the actual topic is. I also think I need to add more specifics of the even that I am writing about so I can explain the situation a lot better, and expalin my exact feelings more thoroughly.

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S. Chandler said...

I read your first revisions and they are excellent. Keep going with your sharpened focus on fear and your "telling" of the particular incidents that illustrate your feelings (and the feelings that many of us have - as you point out in this entry).

This should be a strong essay.